Summer Guide To A Hot Crypto Market

Summer Guide To A Hot Crypto Market

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TOP ICOs with x10 Potential

SOV is the first crypto free of the regulatory friction and ambiguity faced by Bitcoin and others.

It’s just money, no different than the Dollar, Euro or Yen, and benefits from the well established regulatory and legal framework shared by all sovereign currencies.

Acting as both a fiat and cryptocurrency, SOV can act as a Panama Canal between old world of traditional finance and the rising tide of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, SOV can be held at any exchange or bank.

When in fiat, banks and money exchanges can begin offering SOV to their clients the same way they offer Dollars, Euros and Yen. But as a crypto, those traditional banking customers can acquire SOV, and then easily convert it to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.


Ocean Protocol is a tokenized service layer that exposes data, storage, compute and algorithms for consumption with a set of deterministic proofs on availability and integrity that serve as verifiable service agreements. There is staking on services to signal quality, reputation and ward against Sybil Attacks.

Also, Ocean helps to unlock data, particularly for AI. It is designed for scale and uses blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and sold in a safe, secure and transparent manner.


DarcMatter is a global award winning FinTech platform for alternative investments, created to increase transparency and access within the alternatives industry. Established in 2014, DarcMatter’s platform connects Fund Managers(GPs) actively raising capital with Investors(LPs) globally, to seamlessly connect, access fund documentation, and invest in a curated set of Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Venture Capital funds efficiently online. Headquartered in New York City, DarcMatter also has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Seoul, South Korea.

DarcMatter is developing a blockchain based distributed ledger to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative investment industry.

(DMC) is a utility token that will be used by fund managers and investors to create smart contracts for the investment completion process, and will also be used to access due diligence reports, KYC, and AML details.


Sentinel Protocol, operating on blockchain technology by Uppsala, overcomes the disadvantage of decentralization by turning it into an advantage for security. and it harnesses collective cyber security intelligence to protect crypto assets against hackers, scams and fraud.

Sentinel Protocol is the first of its kind security platform that operates on blockchain principles. Threat information is not collected in a centralized database, which has been the attack target in the past. In addition to the security intelligence, Sentinel utilizes top-notch machine learning and sandboxing technologies.



QuarkChain Network is a high-throughput blockchain that aims to achieve more than hundreds of thousands on-chain transactions per second (TPS). The high-capacity system will solve the scalability problem that current main blockchains are facing.

This problem is so urgent that bitcoin community can’t wait to reach an agreement. Different solutions compel the community to split through a controversial hard fork.





Ripple is, or claims to be, a payment process system. On their website they credit themselves as, “The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments”. With a market cap over 20 billion USD, and trading volume averaging a few hundred million USD, Ripple is among the largest cryptocurrencies. This company is large, full of resources, and loaded with cash. One thing they are lacking is a functional product that creates a market advantage over its use.

My analysis:


Here’s why:

Ripple is claiming to be the world’s only payment process system utilizing a blockchain, unfortunately their viewpoint is mistaken. There exists multiple payment systems and processes, several of which are already massive players in the payment marketplace. One of these players is Paypal. Paypal utilizes a ledger system to keep track of transactions to prevent theft and double spending, much similar to cryptocurrencies. The main difference is Paypal is a centralized source of sending digital assets. Although, XRP is a decentralized solution (or they will be once they release a product), it will be extensively difficult for them to compete with a major company like Paypal that already has a massive market share, and a finely tuned product.

If decentralization is the future key to payment processes then Bitcoin is going to be tough to compete with. Bitcoin is a proven process for securely sending money worldwide and has been around for nearly a decade. Ripple claims to be what Bitcoin already is, and while XRP may promote they are creating built in protocols to tailor a more complete payment system, there already exists applications to facilitate Bitcoin transactions.

Lackluster Development

Another reason for my analysis is Ripple’s lackluster development. The Ripple idea has been around since 2004, but became an official company in 2012. The coin has been in development for over 7 years and yet has a product for sending money. Although, the cryptocurrency is in circulation, it doesn’t have much of a function other than trading it for other coins. While you could technically send XRP to a friend or business as a “payment”, you could do this with any other digital currency. A lack of product is very discouraging for Ripple holders. The company has spent years and millions of dollars only to have primitive coin and a fancy website.

Cash Churning

Finally, Ripple appears to be churning through cash. Ripple has over 150 employees and is located in an office building in downtown San Francisco. As seen on Glassdoor, they have a very modern office full of leisure, goodie bags, and activities. Now all this seems fun and very exciting, but its also very expensive. Downtown San Francisco is a very expensive place to operate, daily operations end up costing millions per year, and high end payroll for company execs can drain an organization, and without a working product its difficult to understand how Ripple generates cash flow. As a privately owned company Ripple can keep their financials private and unfortunately their bottom line cannot be validated, but looking through their company photos gives an erie feeling of the DotCom Bubble.

Ripple HQ
Ripple HQ (source

Why this matters as an investor? You risk your hard earned money by putting it into a companies technology with the expectations for them to develop it. While, new and modern work environments have been created to pull in top talent in the tech industry, at some point they have to demonstrate they are turning a profit and not simply liquidating the currency they have created and hyped. High end offices and businesses expenses are a red flag for a company with a cashflow unknown to investors. While, XRP investors do not own equity in the company, Ripple owes it to its investors to produce a functioning product.



Investing is the greatest game on earth. Millions play and only a few succeed. Earning a fortune through investing is difficult and exhausting, but ultimately it is POSSIBLEOnly those with the Millionaire Mindset will succeed, as understanding underlying psychological factors that trigger market cycles is crucial to making large profits from investing. Those who master this mindset can see the market through a separate lense that less than 1% of all investors utilize.

To truly understand the importance of the Millionaire Mindset

We must look at the economic factors and how they are created by psychological conditions. It is common knowledge that 45% of the world’s wealth is controlled by less than 1% of the population. This massive imbalance in wealth distribution can be contributed to several factors, but one major and over looked factor is the mindset of the average person.

The average person places security and comfort as one of their life’s top priorities. Many people sacrifice opportunities to satisfy their need for simplicity. Often, people turn down education opportunities, job advancements, even relationship chances to maintain a certain level of comfort. Seeking rewards is a risky venture and most people risk just enough to maintain their comfort level. Investing money is no different.

Successful investors have a different mindset

Understanding that the average person is not a millionaire, and that the average person is not willing to leave their comfort zone to accumulate wealth, we can utilize these factors and formulate a mindset that can lift us above mediocrity and allow us to attain the wealth in which we desire. This can be achieved by focusing on market cycles and banking off the mindset of the average person.

Most people are not millionaires, following their trading actions can be costly!”

This is the age old adage, “Be greedy when others panic, and panic when others are greedy.” Most people are not millionaires, following their trading actions can be costly!. Markets of almost any nature move in cycles. They have all time highs, and all time lows. Understanding how these market cycles affect the majority of investors and how to bank off their behaviors is a proven method toward reaching your desired wealth.

Prior market cycles

A major economic crisis from American History is a great example to illustrate market cycle. Each cycle is filled with winners losers. Below is a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1915-1959.

DJI industrial average 1915-1959

Throughout the several decades, you can notice the dramatic price swings. Several factors contributed to these prices swings including: wars, economic growth, the great depression, etc. We are going to focus on the mindset and the behavior of the majority of people, and how those who went against the grain made large amounts of money.


WW1 played a contributing factor to the DJI price. The controlling powers of the world were locked in war and no one was certain about the future state of the world. This caused fear in the stock market and caused a large tumble of the DJI price. This is understandable, as war is scary, but there existed a few who had the mindset to understand the certain market cycles and see profits where others saw fear.

The end of the 1910’s saw a major decline in the DJI price. Large amounts of shares were dumped off as uncertainty circulated the world, but in every trade there exists a seller and a buyer. While, a majority of DJI share holders were unloading their shares, a few individuals went against the grain and maintained the Millionaire Mindset. These few remained greedy while the average person panicked and purchased shares for a fraction of the cost. Less than 2 years later, the DJI rebounded to +50% of its 1920 low. Not only did those with a Millionaire Mindset return over 50% in less than two years, those who held on to their shares throughout the 1920’s saw massive gains making them extremely wealthy.

1920-Great Depression

It is during this time frame we see a shift in market cycle, and a reversal in the mindset of the average person. Throughout the 1920’s, vast economic expanses drove up the price of the stock market to new all time highs. Investing became highly popular, prompting more Americans to invest in stocks than any other prior time. To those with a Millionaire Mindset, it became obvious there was a major shift in market cycle, as stock prices were experiencing exuberance instead of fair evaluations. The majority of investors were looking to make a quick fortune and did not envision anyway of possibly losing money.

“Panic when others are greedy.” Those who sold during these times of unrealistic prices made large fortunes. Those who bought saw a different scenario. They shared an experience with a majority of all investors, an experience that ended in disaster.

Millionaires understand market cycles and go against the masses.

The cycle continued

Throughout the 1930’s, the market reached an all time low. People with average mindsets continued to sell their stocks, losing nearly the entire investment. Those who bought the DJI with margin at its all time high were most likely bankrupt. Those with the Millionaire Mindset and the courage to go against the grain would see enormous returns in the next few years. We can see this trend across multiple decades, when a vast majority of investors head in one direction, the true winners head in the opposite.

DJI historical 100 year price

Take this mindset to the Crypto Market

We are truly lucky to be apart of one of the fastest growing tech sectors. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are accelerating at an exponential rate, bringing along massive amounts of money. We can use the Millionaire Mindset to grow our crypto assets into large profits. This can edge us towards our financial desires. The prices of this market are moving faster than any other asset on earth. While this is great during times of spectacular bull markets, things can quickly turn around. Take the most all time high of Bitcoin:

Millionaire Mindset

While the average person was joining the Crypto-tidal wave, those with the Millionaire Mindset understood Bitcoin was overvalued and made off with a nice fortune. Those who bought in off of the hype experienced similar investment losses to those in our previous examples.

Where we are today

With recent market turmoil (a large amount coming from Coinrail’s hack), prices of crypto have droppedsignificantly. The majority of investors look for comfort and security in the marketplace. They are affected by any negative news and anyone with a Millionaire Mindset can expect major selloffs, similar to our recent market state. In these moments are great opportunities to achieve large fortunes by going against the grain and understanding the market cycle. “Be greedy when other panic.”

Bitcoin and the powerful technologies of cryptocurrencies are going to continue to grow exponentially. Prices will swing in vast amounts as the market progresses through many cycles. Ultimately, over the course of the next decade, the prices of cryptocurrencies will be far greater than they are today. Those who maintain the Millionaire Mindset will accumulate large amounts of wealth, while those who follow the average mindset will continue to ride the day to day price and see their dream of financial fortune slip further and further away.




If you’ve read the First Edition of Crusayder Report then you have an idea of what functions and features we look for when investing in a coin. If you haven’t had the chance to read it, 1. You need too and 2. We talk about why we like STELLAR (XLM) and how having Scaling capabilities can really set you apart from the competition.

Having this function is huge. This allows the speed of transactions to increase significantly.

Before we get into how this crypto is scaling blockchain, you must understand that if we want companies like McDonalds, Sams Club, Academy or Nike to start adopting cryptocurrency usage, the transaction speeds need to have no delay or pauses. Meaning, transactions speeds need to be Stellar and fast.

It’s no secret that blockchains biggest problem is scaling and not being able to handle thousands upon thousands of transactions at once. The two biggest blockchain platforms transaction speeds combined wouldn’t be as fast as Visas.


Zilliqa aims to fix this scaling issue.

Plasma, proof of stake, parallel process transaction and gas limit increases are a few ways to help with scaling but Zilliqa is the first high throughput blockchain platform that is designed to scale transaction rates by a technique called sharding.

**In purpose of this report we will only focus on core reasons the Crusayder
Team likes a specific coin **

Dividing the mining network into smaller shards each capable of processing
transactions in parallel.

Their white paper says it best “ ZILLIQA — a new blockchain platform that is designed to scale transaction rates. As the number of miners in ZILLIQA increases, its transaction rates are expected to increase.” Zilliqa has a unique ability to double its transactions rate speed with every 100 – 200 nodes that are added to the network. So, theoretically, the sky’s the limit for amount of transactions Zilliqa can handle. Essentially, it would depend on the nodes on the network but Zilliqa could handle hundred of thousands of transactions at a time.

Bitcoin and Ethereum networks of tens of thousands of nodes can still only process 10-15 transactions per second. To compare, Zilliqa’s test on their private testnet have shown that Zilliqa’s network has a throughput of 1,218 tx/s when 1,800 nodes are operating. Increase the number of nodes to 3,600, and Zilliqa’s network scales to 2,488 tx/s1.

Zilliqas protocol is relies on practical byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT). Which is a highly secure consensus scheme that assumes node on the network are hostile or in other words that work against the network. Independently, each node will verify all transactions and shares the results with all nodes reached.

This secures the network from hostile nodes or clusters of hostile nodes.

Their unique POW scheme stems from POWs such as used by Ethereum or Bitcoin but Zilliqa has modified this scheme extensively. The normal POWs take up far to much time and money! To better understand the difference between the two, this statement from Zilliqas blog gives a good example of

“In Zilliqa, roughly 12 hours of PoW needs to be performed each month (at the
beginning of each epoch) — this is where the graphics card is at full load. During
the rest of the time, the graphics card will be running in idle mode where minimal
electricity is consumed. The estimated electricity cost of mining on Zilliqa is about
USD 2.8/month in Singapore. In contrast, the cost of mining Ethereum is
estimated to be about 9 times more at USD 26.25/month as the graphics card
needs to be mining consistently for every new block”


The team is out of The University of Singapore and are led by CEO Xinshu Dong whose background speaks for itself, specializing in blockchain scalability and security his name will soon be known by all in this industry.

Diving deeper into the team you find Yaoqi Jia, Head of Technology. Yaoqi has an extensive background in next generation blockchain technology, addressing consensus and privacy being his specialty. His research has been published in some of the top international conferences, like, CCS,
USENIX Security, RAID, and PETS.

What about advisors? Thought you’d never ask!

Alexander Lipton. Founder and CEO of StrongHold Labs, Partner at Numeraire Financial, Co-Founder and Advisor of Distilled Analytics. Alexander is also on the board of UCL Centre of Blockchain Technologies, Clearmatics and Numeraire.

It gets better.

Positions like Managing Director, Global Head of Credit Analytics and Managing Director, Co-Head of Global Quantitative Group of at Bank of America Merrill Lynch are really give Alexandar a leg up when ranking Zilliqas advisors.

Partnerships with Bluzelle:

Storing data is critical now for any real world application. Centralized storage platforms are popular now but they suffer from a wide range of security
issues and high costs for storing.

“Bluzelle aims to solve these issues by providing a decentralized platform to
securely store data. With Bluzelle, users with unused storage can rent it out to
those in need in an on-demand manner. Bluzelle and Zilliqa will work together to
provide an integrated solution so that users building dApps on Zilliqa may easily use
Bluzelle for decentralized data storage.”




references: – M. Castro and B. Liskov


Crusayder Team
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