Job Title: Ethereum (solidity) Developer.

Hours: Estimated 5-10+ hours a week until product is completed

Compensation: 15% of product’s profit

Experience: Any experience is considered. We only care if you have the skills to complete the job.

Location: Remote

We are looking for talented Solidity Developers than can take our product idea and transform it into a Dapp. We are offering a unique payment structure that will allow individuals a continuous revenue stream, as long as the product is profitable.

This is a unique and rare opportunity. We design the final product, you develop the code to make the application run. In return, our company provides the costly expenses of advertising, marketing, research, legal work, and you are rewarded by an unending revenue stream based off the products profitability.

This is not an ordinary job. We are not looking for ordinary people. We are looking for people with the entrepreneurial spirit than can take ideas and transform them into computer code (solidity).

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