A Possible Portfolio Based On Your Responses

BTC 50%
ETH 20%
LTC 15%
XLM 10%
Binance Coin

A $1000 investment would break down:

50% = $500

20% = $200

15% = $150

10% = $100

5% = $50

Coin Details:


Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and is ranked #1 by its market cap. Bitcoin is the most widely used crypto in the world, dominating over 50% of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Of all the cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin may provide the best risk/reward ratio making it a safe bet for lower risk crypto portfolios.

On a side note, Bitcoin is the most historical cryptos and owning Bitcoin is a big part in understanding how cryptocurrencies work and their significance as a technology. 


Ethereum is the 2nd ranked cryptocurrency by market cap and its network hosts more developers than any other blockchain. Ethereum is being built into the web 3.0 and is used by companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

Ethereum may be slightly riskier than Bitcoin, but its widespread usage and development make it a quality addition to a crypto portfolio.


Litecoin is in the top 10 ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap and has been one of the most notable cryptos since its inception in 2011. It was made to supplement Bitcoin by providing a lower transaction time of 2.5 minutes. Similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin has a fixed supply and which cannot be manipulated by anyone making it inflation proof


Stellar is in the top 10 ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap and was created to revolutionize the financial industry by allowing seamless global payments between people and merchants. Stellar has partnered with IBM and created a money remittance service called World Wire and is being used by 8 major financial institutions.


Binance coin is also in the 10 ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap and was developed for usage on the Binance Exchange, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. It has been one of the best performing cryptos even returning value during the 2018 bear market.


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