Hottest Crypto market buys: Crusayder Top 10 coins to buy during Bear Market

Hottest Crypto market buys: Crusayder Top 10 coins to buy during Bear Market

The Crypto Bear Market bring you down?

This Crypto Bear Market starting to really bring you down, right?  The fact that you’ve been screaming “Alt Season” since March doesn’t help either.  but there’s good news! Let me take this time to ease your mind,  as Mr. Lowry has pretty much handed you the answers to the test. Now as always, the these are my own thoughts and opinions.  Make sure to always #DYOR.  

Good luck investing! 

Hottest Crypto Buys during Bear Market

Crypto buys: Check out our list of the top 10 hottest crypto coins to buy during this bear market! Join our team today for new and exclusive content! Some coins were featured in last months Crypto Market Strategy Report!

Digibyte (DGB)

Price: $0.02

Ranked: 48th

MarketCap: $214m

Volume (24 hours) $1.7m

     Sentinal Protocol (UPP)

Price: $0.06

Ranked: 1376th

MarketCap: ICO just ended

Volume (24 hours) $1.7m


Price: $0.004

Ranked: 1338th

MarketCap: Token swap active

Volume (24 hours) $7m

     IOST (IOST)

Price: $0.02

Ranked: 56th

MarketCap: $185m

Volume (24 hours) $22.8m

     NEM (XEM)

Price: $0.15

Ranked: 18th

MarketCap: $1.3b

Volume (24 hours) $11.8m

     QuarkChain (QKC)

Price: $0.09

Ranked: 189th

MarketCap: $34.8m

Volume (24 hours) $4m


Price: $0.12

Ranked: 8th

MarketCap: $3.3b

Volume (24 hours) $32.2m


Price: $0.06

Ranked: 26th

MarketCap: $482m

Volume (24 hours) $25.5


Price: $0.o4

Ranked: 11th

MarketCap: $2.7b

Volume (24 hours) $207m


Price: $0.18

Ranked: 7th

MarketCap: $3.51b

Volume (24 hours): $30.93m

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