Our Favorite Coins Of The Month: May

Featured in our Premier Research Report - "The Crusayder Report: May 2018"

Our #1 Philosophy: Always understand what you're putting your money into

The best investors go through great links to uncover every fact about potential investments. It is unwise and very risky to blindly throw money without fully understanding the investment. All too often, crypto investors are losing money, missing out on great opportunities, and getting scammed. Often these are the results of:

  1. Misinformation
  2. Not performing due diligence
  3. Buying off hype

And worst of all - Not hearing about the opportunity.

Performing extensive research is grueling and time consuming

Sifting through immense amounts of data, news, and information can be very confusing and frustrating. Sorting out facts from fiction takes tremendous amount of time that most people cannot manage to spare.


We Have The Solution

Each month our expert team hand selects cryptos primed to make large bull runs. We thoroughly investigate each coin and create a premier research report, that breaks down the most important facts, news, and updates. This detailed analysis is called "The Crusayder Report" and is every Crypto Traders best friend. No more scanning social media for news. No more spending hours reading whitepapers and reddit articles. No more missing out on opportunities.

At Crusayder, we are passionate about uncovering cryptocurrency facts, finding hidden opportunities, and provide our service so you can spend time living your life and not stressing over FUD.


See the powerful possibilities awaiting you, and follow the most important rule to crypto investing: Always understand what you're putting your money into.


Crusayder Report Includes Detailed Coverage Over:

  1. IOST
  2. BABB
  3. XMR
  4. XTL

The Altcoin Financial Fortunes provides a detailed breakdown of one the most promising cryptocurrency eager to become the first crypto bank. Includes detailed coverage of BABB.