Bitcoin’s Enlightenment

The truest value of Bitcoin is not how much it is worth. The greatest value Bitcoin holds is the idea behind the currency. The belief that individuals can possess money without banks, governments, or organizations is an idea that will live on forever and can be attributed to another idea that spread 100’s of years ago.

Sixteenth-century pirates are regarded as the “Golden Age” of pirates. This era of treacherous swashbucklers is remembered for their remarkable run of plundering, looting, and wreaking havoc to the world’s most powerful nations. While pirates such as Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, and Captain Kidd have become Hollywood legends for their interesting life of adventure, there was an IDEA that spawned from this time period that would create a major wake across the world.

Pirates were the first FREE society.

Somewhere among plundering and sailing of the high seas, an idea of freedom dawned inside the heads of pirates. The idea that no King or Nobleman controlled the lives of these men and women spread amongst the communities of pirates. Soon small pirate colonies began to pop on Carribean Islands. Many believe these are the areas that pirates would bury their treasure, but pirates didn’t save their money they spent it. These tiny colonies were created by pirates as safe havens, but more importantly, they were areas where pirates could live freely and not be under the control of another person.

Many believe pirates were hunted down for their actions, but it was their beliefs that Kings feared.

Most people believe the actions of pirates is what led to their slaughter. Ever since the invention of the ship there have been pirates. All throughout history pirates have been wreaking havoc on nations, but it wasn’t until this point in time that nations began to produce “Pirate Hunters”. Specialized navy crews designed to exterminate pirates. So what brought about this change? The idea of freedom and Democracy is what the kings of the great 16th century nations feared. They were not concerned with losing a few ships that contained goods that could easily be replaced. Monarchs feared the idea of freedom because the spreading of this idea to their nation would catch like wildfire and ruin the existence of Kings.

The idea was more important than all the gold plundered.

Britain made it their mission to snuff out this belief and in the 1700’s they came close by ending the “Golden Age” of pirates.  Although the greatest pirates of this era were killed, their belief system lived on. The thing about ideas is once they are out they do not disappear. Fast forward to 1764 when Sam Adams decreed, “Taxation without representation,” in response to Britain’s Sugar Act being imposed on the American Colonies. Sam Adam’s belief coupled with this idea of freedom that was spurred by 16th-century pirates would pivot American Colonists to forming the Declaration of Independence and ultimately creating a new nation. The greatest capitalistic nation to ever exist was the result of an IDEA.

Bitcoin is the next innovative idea.

The truest value of Bitcoin is not how much it is worth. The greatest value Bitcoin holds is the idea behind the currency. The belief that individuals can possess money without banks, governments, or organizations that stick their fingers in peoples pockets and siphon money. This truly liberating idea gives power back to people and provides a freedom that has been squandered by governments and institutions. No one can be certain if Bitcoin will survive, most of us believe it will but its success is not guaranteed. What will live on forever is the idea of Decentralized Money. Decentralizing Money provides individuals with a higher form of freedom and as history has taught us, freedom is something people will fight desperately for.

Satoshi was wise to hide his identity.

New ideas that bring forth revolutions are frowned upon by governments. In today’s world, it is too easy to discredit and pervert individuals and Satoshi was wise enough to remain anonymous so governing bodies would not attack him. At this moment we are witnessing nations giving their best efforts to shut down Bitcoin. Revolutionary ideas scare government bodies and many will do anything in their power to prevent their citizens from becoming liberated.

Too bad ideas are indestructible and the concept of decentralized money will spread just like the idea of freedom spawned from 16th-century pirates.



Crusayder Team
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