Bitcoin Crashed again | Now what?

So Bitcoin Crashed again, now what?

Oh you didn’t know? Yo asssss better calllllll somebodyyyy!!  (throwback Road Dog Jess James reference)

The bear market has surely brought doubt into investors minds, especially for the new crypto enthusiast who’ve just recently entered the market expecting “moon” like results. Of course, things are always what they seem. Some investors are licking their wounds hoping for another shot while some are already relaxing on the beach paying for hotels with Bitcoin.

What investor are you? Which one do you want to be?

Whats Next?

Your focus should start shifting from bitcoins bloodbath to how you can make money now. But how? Let me ask you, if Bitcoin has been bleeding since Feb 18′, more than likely, what have most other altcoin’s been doing……… Get your researching hat on and start turning over ever rock you can imagine!

First, take a look at the ICO stat chart below, the past 3 – 4 months have been relativity quiet for ICOs (which is a good thing).  So lets take advantage of the previous ICOs!

Enter shitcoins from 2018 bear market.

The focus needs to now squarely be on finding shitcoins that may have been forgotten behind all the bitcoin crash talk and other headlines. Think 2018 ICOs. I can think of at least one (but there’s more) blockchain projects released in 2018 that are quality projects and have massive ROI potential.

The great thing about these “2018 projects” is that these coins have yet to experience a true crypto cycle, so are extremely cheap, leaving the door wide open for huge ROI potential. Of course you need to double and triple check into these projects but in a #bearmarket with not a lot of green candles, this is a perfect way to go from Earth to Moon.

As always,

Good luck investing, I hope to see you on the moon!

@Zac Lowwry

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