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Beginners Guide To Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Our introductory guide to the vast world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. This course is designed to teach any new beginner the ins and outs of the crypto marketplace. In this course you will learn:

  • What Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are
  • How to Buy, Transfer, and Sell Bitcoin
  • How to open an exchange account
  • How to trade any crypto on the market

Advanced Analysis For Crypto Trading and Investing

The Crusayder Team is on a mission to share their vast trading research and investment methodology with the World. This guide includes our famous Crusayder Reports, as well as other resources for any successful cryptocurrency investor and trader. Includes:

  • Crusayder Reports
  • Mid Month Investment Reports
  • Top Coin Rankings
  • Our Portfolio Updates and Additions
  • Access to our Indexes

Personalized and Custom Built Crypto Investing

Currently, we are in pursuit to become licensed investment advisors offering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing services including (currently unavailable):

  • Custom made Crypto Portfolios
  • Individual Financial Planning
  • Personalized Consultations
  • Other investing services


At Crusayder, we are on a mission to enlighten the World about the revolutionary technology of cryptocurrencies and their powerful investing opportunities.

We are a dedicated company comprised of Bitcoin Enthusiasts, Cryptocurrency Investors, and Teachers of Blockchain Technologies. Our Team provides premier cryptocurrency research and investment methodology to introduce new investors to Bitcoin trading, enrich advanced traders with cutting edge opportunities, and provide custom financial crypto services (coming soon).

There is no better place than Crusayder to learn investing basics, sharpen trading skills, and reach your investing potential. Our guides and investment reports are cutting edge and have provided many crypto investors the opportunity to reach their financial dreams.


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